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About Me.

As a Backend Developer at heart, I have created various projects highlighting just that. From something to notify me of when movie tickets were available, to creating an application to assist the visually imapired, I have utilized my creative side to create new and exciting projects. I have also represented India at the Y4PT Global Public Transport Hackathon 2019 held at Stockholm, Sweden.



Applications of my knowledge.

App Development

Developed an Android application for my Virtual Eye assistive tool with the help of Kotlin and Android Studio

Computer Vision

Created programs for Object Detection and Face Recognition using the OpenCV module on both Python and C++

Web Development

Created my school's Event Management website using Pythons Django framework under guidance from CISCO


A few of my creations.

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Virtual Eye

A state of the art Assistive tool for the Visually Impaired

With an emphasis on Accesibility, Virtual Eye aims to be an easily accesible application for the visually impaired. Virtual Eye uses advanced computer vision to assist the visually impaired. As a project in development, Virtual Eye uses a Java based android app powered by a powerful Python Server Code.

This project was first demonstrated at Oakridge Codefest 2019. It was further presented at Y4PT Global Public Transport Hackathon.

Project Leader: Samay Gupta

Designer: Samay Gupta, Neelanshu Singh

Developers: Samay Gupta, Prerak Gupta, Dhananjayan PN

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Election Software

A secure & redundant voting software

This is the election software that powered Delhi Public School Banaglore East's Student Council Election for the year 2019-2020. It sucessfuly encrypted all the voting data with a custom algorithm to prevent any data leak.

Our election software handled voting from over 3000 students and also created backups incase of any power loss. Its code design also allows it to be easily integrated with others over a network.

Project Leader: Samay Gupta

Designer: Dhananjayan PN

Developers: Samay Gupta, Dhananjayan PN

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Fun & Minimalistic games

Created to learn python pygame module, Arcade was created to showcase how much logic is used in programming. Created as my computer project.

This fun python project includes my custom pygame renditions of popular games such as Pac-Man, Flappy Bird, Snake and Pong (1 and 2 player)

Project Leader: Samay Gupta

Designer: Samay Gupta

Developer: Samay Gupta

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Redifining waste segregation from the ground up

This is an IOT project that uses the power of AI to segregate waste at the very basic level. AutoDust uses a modular design approach to further improve its applicability in the future.

With the first prototype showcased at NPSK Hackathon 2019, This product led us to win the hackathon and also secue first position at Amrita's all India science competition- NSO

Project Leader: Samay Gupta

Designer: Dhananjayan PN

Craft: Aayush Dani, Dhananjayan PN

Developer: Samay Gupta

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A new take on Event Management

An Event management and application portal for schools which will enable students to apply for competitions coming up in their school. It allows students to showcase their best selves with a list of their achievment which allows teachers to make a more informed choice. The project was a part of CISCO's Student Talent Outreach Program where I and 5 other students from my school developed this under the guidance of a CISCO Mentor. This project is planned to be implemented alongside our school's management software. We plan to implement this across various other schools as well.

Created with: CISCO

Created by: Student of DPSE

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Unifying public Transportation

As public transport accelerates forward, it's segregation continues to widen all over the world. Keeping this in mind, Check aims to unify the process from within the system.

Developed and showcased at the Y4PT Global Public Transport Hackathon, this project uses a unified network to automatically handle all transaction triggered from a simple ID QR Code.

IT Lead: Samay Gupta

Designer: Neelanshu Singh

Developer: Samay Gupta

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The Open Social Network

An open source secure public platform to share and post your views. It supports discussions, private encrypted chat and a completely anonymous chat system with no tracking or data retention.

Designer: Arham Musheer

Developer: Samay Gupta


My Honors and Awards.

  • Represented India at the Y4PT Global Public Transport Hackathon held at Stockholm, Sweden
  • Secured 1st position at the Amrita NSO 2019 in the Smart Waste Management Category
  • Secured 3rd Position at the PES University's The Amatuer Scientist's Codewars Event
  • Secured 1st Position at the IBM Sponsored NPSK Hackathon
  • Secured 3rd Position at the Code-Blooded event in the Transcendence school fest
  • Secured 2nd Position at Accolite APR Codefest 2019
  • A member of the CISCO Student Talent Outreach Program
  • Creator of my School's Election Software
  • Secured Class Rank 1 and State Rank 5 in the Silverzone International Informatics Olympiad 2018
  • Selected and attended Reap Benefit's Problem Solvers' Club Smart Solutions Master Class
  • Participated in HP Codewars 2019
  • Partcipated in Oakridge Codefest 2019
  • Partcipated in Oakridge Codefest 2018


What I've learnt.

Python 3.x 97%
Java 86%
C++ 78%
Computer Vision- OpenCV 83%
Machine Learning- Sklearn 72%
Web Development- Django and Javascipt 77%
Android App Development- Kotlin 81%

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